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Dr. Julius Grüning


Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

E-mail: juliusgruening(at)


61At infinity of symmetric spaces

Publications within SPP2026

We determine the fundamental groups of symmetrizable algebraically simply connected split real Kac-Moody groups endowed with the Kac-Peterson topology. In analogy to the finite-dimensional situation, the Iwasawa decomposition G=KAU provides a weak homotopy equivalence between K and G, implying π1(G)=π1(K). It thus suffices to determine π1(K) which we achieve by investigating the fundamental groups of generalized flag varieties. Our results apply in all cases in which the Bruhat decomposition of the generalized flag variety is a CW decomposition − in particular, we cover the complete symmetrizable situation; the result concerning the structure of π1(K) more generally also holds in the non-symmetrizable two-spherical situation.


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61At infinity of symmetric spaces

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