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13Analysis on spaces with fibred cusps

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A Calderón projector for an elliptic operator $P$ on a manifold with boundary $X$ is a projection from general boundary data to the set of boundary data of solutions $u$ of $Pu=0$. Seeley proved in 1966 that for compact $X$ and for $P$ uniformly elliptic up to the boundary there is a Calder\'on projector which is a pseudodifferential operator on $\partial X$. We generalize this result to the setting of fibred cusp operators, a class of elliptic operators on certain non-compact manifolds having a special fibred structure at infinity.


This applies, for example, to the Laplacian on certain locally symmetric spaces or on particular singular spaces, such as a domain with cusp singularity or the complement of two touching smooth strictly convex domains in Euclidean space. Our main technical tool is the $\phi$-pseudodifferential calculus introduced by Mazzeo and Melrose.


In our presentation we provide a setting that may  be useful for doing analogous constructions for other types of singularities.


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We study the low energy resolvent of the Hodge Laplacian on a manifold  equipped with a fibred boundary metric. We determine the precise asymptotic behavior of the resolvent as a fibred boundary (aka $\phi$-) pseudodifferential operator when the resolvent parameter tends to zero.


This generalizes previous work by Guillarmou and Sher who considered asymptotically conic metrics, which correspond to the special case when the fibres are points. The new feature in the case of non-trivial fibres is that the resolvent has different asymptotic behavior on the subspace of forms that are fibrewise harmonic  and on its orthogonal complement. To deal with this, we introduce an appropriate 'split' pseudodifferential calculus, building on and extending work by Grieser and Hunsicker. Our work sets the basis for the discussion of spectral invariants on $\phi$-manifolds.

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