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Prof. Dr. Miles Simon

Project leader

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

E-mail: miles.simon(at)
Telephone: +49 391 67-51061

Publications within SPP2026

We consider solutions to Ricci flow defined on manifolds M for a time interval (0,T) whose Ricci curvature is bounded uniformly in time

from below, and for which the norm of the full curvature tensor at time t  is bounded by c/t for some fixed constant c>1 for all t in (0,T).

From previous works, it is known that if the solution is complete for all times t>0, then there is a limit metric space (M,d_0), as time t approaches zero. We show : if there is a region V on which (V,d_0) is smooth, then the solution can be extended smoothly to time zero on V.


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31Solutions to Ricci flow whose scalar curvature is bounded in Lp.

Given a three-dimensional Riemannian manifold containing a ball with an explicit lower bound on its Ricci curvature and positive lower bound on its volume, we use Ricci flow to perturb the Riemannian metric on the interior to a nearby Riemannian metric still with such lower bounds on its Ricci curvature and volume, but additionally with uniform bounds on its full curvature tensor and all its derivatives. The new manifold is near to the old one not just in the Gromov-Hausdorff sense, but also in the sense that the distance function is uniformly close to what it was before, and additionally  we have Hölder/Lipschitz equivalence of the old and new manifolds.



One consequence is that we obtain a local bi-Hölder correspondence between Ricci limit spaces in three dimensions and smooth manifolds.



This is more than a complete resolution of the three-dimensional case of the conjecture of Anderson-Cheeger-Colding-Tian, describing how Ricci limit spaces in three dimensions must be homeomorphic to manifolds, and we obtain this in the most general, locally non-collapsed case.



The proofs build on results and ideas  from recent papers of Hochard and the current authors.


Related project(s):
31Solutions to Ricci flow whose scalar curvature is bounded in Lp.

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