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Dr. Shinpei Baba


Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

E-mail: shinpei(at)

Publications within SPP2026

We construct a Baum--Connes assembly map localised at the unit element of a discrete group $\Gamma$. 

This morphism, called $\mu_\tau$, is defined in $KK$-theory with coefficients in $\mathbb{R}$ by means of the action of the projection $[\tau]\in KK_\mathbb{R}^\Gamma(\mathbb{C},\mathbb{C})$ canonically associated to the group trace of $\Gamma$. 

We show that the corresponding $\tau$-Baum--Connes conjecture is weaker then the classical one but still implies the strong Novikov conjecture.


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