to 05/04/2019
SPP Conference "Geometry at Infinity"


Deadline for registration: 1 March 2019.

Plenary speakers:

  • Françoise Dal’Bo - Milonet (Université Rennes 1)
  • Jeffrey Danciger (University of Texas - Austin)
  • Ailana Fraser (University of British Columbia)
  • John Lott (University of Berkeley)
  • Oscar Randal-Williams (University of Cambridge)
  • Alexander Strohmaier (University of Leeds)
  • Anne Thomas (University of Sydney)
  • András Vasy (Stanford University)
  • Nathalie Wahl (University of Copenhagen)
  • Guoliang Yu (Texas A&M University)


  • Christian Bär (Potsdam)
  • Bernhard Hanke (Augsburg)
  • Anna Wienhard (Heidelberg)
  • Burkhard Wilking (Münster)

You can find the program here.

Please note, the SPP 2026 offers free childcare services to registered participants. To guarantee that childcare services will be available to you, please indicate your need for childcare upon registering.

Also please do let us know whether you would like to join the conference dinner:

The conference dinner will take place on Thursday 4th April and will be held at the Schloßgarten Café Restaurant. The evening starts with a drinks reception at 6pm.

Related project(s):
01Hitchin components for orbifolds02Asymptotic geometry of sofic groups and manifolds03Geometric operators on a class of manifolds with bounded geometry04Secondary invariants for foliations05Index theory on Lorentzian manifolds06Spectral Analysis of Sub-Riemannian Structures07Asymptotic geometry of moduli spaces of curves08Parabolics and invariants09Diffeomorphisms and the topology of positive scalar curvature10Duality and the coarse assembly map11Topological and equivariant rigidity in the presence of lower curvature bounds12Anosov representations and Margulis spacetimes13Analysis on spaces with fibred cusps14Boundaries of acylindrically hyperbolic groups and applications15Spaces and Moduli Spaces of Riemannian Metrics with Curvature Bounds on compact and non-compact Manifolds16Minimizer of the Willmore energy with prescribed rectangular conformal class17Existence, regularity and uniqueness results of geometric variational problems18Analytic L2-invariants of non-positively curved spaces19Boundaries, Greens formulae and harmonic functions for graphs and Dirichlet spaces20Compactifications and Local-to-Global Structure for Bruhat-Tits Buildings21Stability and instability of Einstein manifolds with prescribed asymptotic geometry22Willmore functional and Lagrangian surfaces23Spectral geometry, index theory and geometric flows on singular spaces24Minimal surfaces in metric spaces25The Willmore energy of degenerating surfaces and singularities of geometric flows26Projective surfaces, Segre structures and the Hitchin component for PSL(n,R)27Invariants and boundaries of spaces28Rigidity, deformations and limits of maximal representations29Curvature flows without singularities30Nonlinear evolution equations on singular manifolds31Solutions to Ricci flow whose scalar curvature is bounded in Lp.32Asymptotic geometry of the Higgs bundle moduli space33Gerbes in renormalization and quantization of infinite-dimensional moduli spaces

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