to 13/07/2019
Geometry of Scalar Curvature 2019


This is a combination of a classical style conference with a workshop on Gromov's paper: "Metric inequalities with scalar curvature", GAFA 28 (2018), 645-726. The event takes place at the "Palazzone di Cortona", Tuscany, Italy. Organizers: Bernhard Hanke (Augsburg), Christos Mantoulidis (MIT), Paolo Piazza (Rome), Thomas Schick (Göttingen), Christina Sormani (CUNY)

Speakers of the conference:

  • Bernd Ammann (Regensburg)
  • Christian Bär (Potsdam)
  • Boris Botvinnik (Eugene/Oregon)
  • Nadine Große (Freiburg)
  • Chao Li (Princeton)
  • Roman Sauer (Karlsruhe)
  • Wilderich Tuschmann (Karlsruhe)
  • Hang Wang (East China Normal)
  • Guoliang Yu (Texas A&M)
  • Misha Gromov (Paris) will try to attend

Participation is by invitation only. For further information visit the Conference website.



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