to 26/07/2019
Geometric and analytic aspects of moduli spaces


This workshop is intended as the continuation of a series of highly successful international conferences centered around the analysis and geometry of gauge-theoretically defined moduli spaces.

Gauge-theoretically defined moduli spaced often exhibit interesting geometry at infinity. In many interesting cases they are non-compact, carry special metrics (often hyperkähler) and limit to certain asymptotic models. Their description requires tools from geometry and global analysis.

We intend to bring together a number of internationally renowned experts as well as younger researchers in the field.




Financial support

Limited financial support is availiable for younger researchers aiming to attend the workshop. Please apply before June 15 by sending a short email to

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Benoit Charbonneau (Waterloo)

Sergey Cherkis (Arizona)

Lorenzo Foscolo (Heriot Watt)

Laura Fredrickson (Stanford)

Amihay Hanany (Imperial)

Tamas Hausel (IST Austria)

Andrij Haydys (Freiburg)

Sebastian Heller (Hamburg)

Jacques Hurtubise (McGill)

Dominic Joyce (Oxford)

Rafe Mazzeo (Stanford)

Richard Melrose (MIT)

Claudio Meneses (Kiel)

Hiraku Nakajima (Kavli IPMU)

Steven Rayan (uSask)

Laura Schaposnik (UIC)

Michael Singer (UCL)

Richard Wentworth (UMD)

Michael Wolf (Rice)

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