to 28/02/2019
Geometric Analysis meets Geometric Topology


The goal of the conference is to bring together researchers in Geometric Analysis and Geometric Topology. We will also have an informal panel discussions about academic job markets in Europe and a meeting and discussion with an expert on impostor syndrome.

The conference is funded by the Gender Equality funds of the SPP Geometry at Infinity and our speakers are all women. Everyone is welcome to participate.



  • Juliette Bavard
  • Carla Cederbaum
  • Anna Dall'Acqua
  • Viveka Erlandsson
  • Alessandra Iozzi
  • Anna Lenzhen
  • Katarzyna Mazowiecka
  • Paola Pozzi
  • Melanie Rupflin
  • Petra Schwer
  • Anna Siffert
  • Gabriela Weitze-Schmithüsen
  • Karen Vogtmann

Talk on impostor syndrome: Myriam Bechtoldt

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