to 28/09/2018
Constructions of aspherical manifolds and complexes


In this Blockseminar we will cover the main constructions of aspherical closed manifolds: symmetric spaces, reflection group trick and hyperbolization of polyhedra. These three main topics will be accompanied by talks about CAT(0) geometry, groups with aspherical presentation complexes, etc.

This is a Blockseminar, which means that the talks will be given by the participants. During registration you have to name at least three talks from the programm that you would be willing to give. After the registration ends we will then distribute the talks among the participants trying to take into account your wishes.

The Blockseminar will take place on Frauenchiemsee. Since this is a small island, you have to take the ferry to get there - when planning your arrival please take into account that the ferry only goes at certain times. Though the talks start on Monday in the morning, the best (and highly recommended) is to arrive already Sunday afternoon - dinner on Sunday will be provided.

We have reserved a number of double and single rooms on the Fraueninsel. Note that PhD students are expected to share a room with someone else - only in exceptional cases we can assign a single room to a PhD student.

Local expenses (accomodation and meals) will be covered by the SPP, but travel costs can only be reimbursed in exceptional cases - if you want to have (part of) your travel expenses to be reimbursed please note this on the registration form in the comments section.

Registration is open until July 31st. Note that the number of available spaces on Frauenchiemsee is limited. Preference will be given to PhD students, but if space permits PostDocs, Master students and tenured faculty is also welcome.

The programm can be found here:

The registration form is here: -registration is closed-

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