to 02/08/2019
Workshop on Bounded Cohomology


The main goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers working on different aspects of bounded cohomology of discrete groups and locally compact groups, and its applications to geometry, group theory and dynamics.  Particular emphasis is on facilitating contacts between established researchers and young researchers just entering the field.

Bounded cohomology has been an important tool in geometric group theory and rigidity theory ever since its introduction by Gromov in 1982. The definition of continuous bounded cohomology in 2000 by Burger and Monod has led to the study of bounded cohomology of lattices in Lie groups with many new and unexpected applications, in particular in higher Teichmüller theory. In recent years, the scope of the theory has again widened. There is now a new generation of young researchers in bounded cohomology, who study the subject using a wide array of tools from combinatorics, metric geometry (in particular, generalizations of non-positive curvature) as well as harmonic analysis and partial differential equations. Their results shed new light on the developments started in the early 2000s, and hence there is a need to bring together people from the younger generation with the more senior researchers in the field.


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