16/12/2021 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM
IX. Bavarian Geometry and Topology Meeting


The upcoming IX. Bavarian Geometry and Topology Meeting will take place in Augsburg on December 16 and 17 at the university of Augsburg. Most speakers are coming from Bavaria. Additionally, we are very happy to have Thomas Nikolaus as invited guest giving two lectures.

Further information can be found on the event's website: IX. Bavarian Geometry and Topology Meeting

Update: due to the current situation, the 9th Bavarian Geometry and Topology meeting can not take place as we had hoped. Therefore we decided to: Postpone the meeting as it was intended to some later date in the summer term. We will update you about the precise date and provide further information then. To bridge the time until then, we would like to warmly invite you to an online-BGTM afternoon on Thursday the 16.12. 

We hope to see you on the 16th of December and to meet you later face to face during the summer term for some mathematics, coffee and non-virtual Weißwurst and offline Beer.



  1. Prof Ulrich Bunke | Uni Regensburg
  2. Prof. Urs Frauenfelder | Augsburg
  3. Georg Frenck | University of Augsburg
  4. Helge Frerichs | Universität Augsburg
  5. Jonathan Glöckle | Uni Regensburg
  6. Bernhard Hanke | Universität Augsburg
  7. Thorsten Hertl | Univesität Göttingen
  8. Eilind Karlsson | TUM
  9. Christian Lange | LMU München
  10. Lukas Lewark | Regensburg
  11. M.A. Alexandra Linde | Augsburg
  12. Matthias Ludewig
  13. Moritz Meisel
  14. Lars Munser | University of Regensburg
  15. Artem Nepechiy | University of Augsburg
  16. Daniel Räde | Universität Augsburg
  17. George Raptis | University of Regensburg
  18. Fabian Roll | TUM
  19. Julian Seipel | Regensburg
  20. PHD Marwa Soula | Sfax university Tunisia
  21. Prof. Wolfgang Steimle | Universität Augsburg
  22. Tashi Walde | TU München
  23. Christoph Winges | University of Regensburg

If you need accomodation, please register before Nov. 11 and tick the corresponding box in the registration form. There is (limited) financial support for accomodation.

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