to 24/07/2020
Isoperimetric Inequalities in Geometric Partial Differential Equations


Isoperimetric comparisons may be used to uncover new properties of curved spaces, and to estimate eigenvalues of operators of physical significance. Isoperimetric estimates have an ancient history, comparing the area and perimeter of regions. Only recently have the complex geometric situations seen in nature begun to be understood. These include excitation energies in quantum mechanics, and the geometry of soap bubbles. The field brings together the theory of PDE, differential geometry and non-smooth metric geometry and has continued to produce novel and exciting
mathematics since antiquity.

This program will gather together experts in such isoperimetric inequalities to progress this challenging, yet recently quite fruitful area. In particular it will facilitate communication between researchers working on different aspects of the field that may not yet be communicating with each other. For example, those researchers with expertise in PDE aspects may not be up to date on the latest results in RCD spaces and vice-versa.

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